Meet Our Staff

Sandra Nash - Pharmacy Tech

Sandra has been with our pharmacy for 25 years and works well with all people. She has good a telephone voice and responds to patients needs.

Phyllis Elkouri - Pharmacy Clerk

Phyllis has been with the pharmacy for 25 years. She knows everyone that comes into our pharmacy by name.

Krista Ryther - Pharmacy Clerk

Krista has been with the pharmacy for several years. She's very pleasant to all our customers and gives the extra special care that they need to make our customer service great.

Laura Jones - Medicare/Medicaid Clerk

Laura has been with company for many years. She is very good with paper work and adds to our services.

Becky Ross - Hallmark/UPS Clerk

Becky has only worked with us for a few years but is very pleasant and helpful to assist customers.

Greg Hinds - DPh - Part-Time Pharmacist

Greg has only been with pharmacy a short time. Very friendly and strives to do a good job.